Indonesian portal ongisnade claims Rohit Chand has finally been scribbled out of Arema FC squad while he may be targeting other Indonesian clubs.

Rohit Chand Arema FC

Arema FC Media Officer Sundarmaji confirmed about the news while he speaks with ongisnade. “Yeah Rohit has given a decision that he might work at another club. He’s actually a good player, but has not  matched Arema FC desire, “he said when contacted ONGISNADE .

This ends Chand’s trial with Arema FC for which he has been playing as defensive midfielder and center back. Although Sundarmaji insisted Chand could work for other club, we are yet to hear from Nepalese youngster Rohit Chand.

Chand who has been scouted by Premier League clubs Arsenal and Tottenham had great chance to play for Indonesian side ISL Arema as he started his trial impressing the coach but now it has been clear that he will no longer play for Arema FC.




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